It's a question I always like as an icebreaker at the beginning of a class to introduce everyone to each other. Having students for more than 2 hours in my studio always gets me excited and gets the creative juices flowing. I have a very large file of jewelry ideas on my computer and stacks (and more stacks!) of books and magazines I have collected over 10 years now to peruse. It keeps me on top of my game because I am always trying to pack as much value and fun into each class so I can become a better teacher in the process. It is fun to see how strangers come together and get into the creative spirit together and make a connection through the process. And tonight was the beginning of another creative adventure!

I get so focused teaching that I forget to take photos but I did take this photo of my mom and I after we finished a puzzle at her house! After the Christmas tree comes down the puzzle table goes up and I can't stay away. She will call me and say "I have a puzzle up, you want to come over?" I have always loved puzzles and you can't leave me alone for too long with them or I finish them without you. I am a good one to call if you get stuck but I tend to not take my coat off thinking I will only stay for a few minutes but then I can't leave until the job is done. We always take a photo with the puzzle and write the start and finish dates and who participated on the inside of the box and then pull out another one! I have lots of photos of me with puzzles throughout the years... but most of them are on film because we only recently got my mom to convert to digital! That is something not too many people know about me, I love puzzles.



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