When I got asked to submit a proposal to do the trauma room in the Infant Med Surg unit at the Primary Childrens Medical Center in Salt Lake I was pretty excited! This is something I have had on my vision board for a while that I wasn't really sure how it was going to happen. I met with the "committee" and they loved my drawings and long story short here it is! The last day as I was finishing up the thought crossed my mind "what did I do before this?" it was such a fun experience, I felt so blessed to have the opportunity, and I had support from some great friends! Here are some progress photos with the finished walls, I am going to miss those monkeys... They did get approved to finish off the rest of the Infant wing so I am crossing my fingers that I get to go back and spread my paint and love down the halls...  A BIG thank you to Katy, Alison, Dale, Megan, and my friends Joy, Amy, Debbi, Aleca and Denise!


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