∞ Being next to my friend Kellie's bead booth Accent Artistry

∞ Being next to Jim's meteorite booth and learning about them and their history and cool properties

∞ Soldering a meteorite into my silver and copper pendant I demo'ed on Saturday (I think Jim got into my subconscious on Friday and worked on me while I slept. My project took on a life of it's own as it progressed and came out looking very spacey when it was done!)

∞ Being the first one that anyone there had ever heard of to solder meteorite to silver (I few of the rock guys looked at me strangely when I asked them how it might work)
Last weekend I was a Demonstrator at the "Rock Your World" Gold, Gem and Mineral Show. It was fun to meet new people and introduce them to the jewelry making process.

Highlights of the show:

∞ Being the only silversmith there, bonus!

∞ Getting to see all the beautiful raw stones, crystals, old coins, lapidary demo's, and interesting people
∞ I got to use a lapidary (stone) polisher for the first time ever =)

∞ Made some new friends!

It was a fun show, you should check it out next year!

My pendant sold as soon as it was finished, thanks Kellie!


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