Because I have the coolest job at Sundance (I think so anyway!) I get to wine and dine the VIP's and I get to be in the spotlight sometimes for articles. This was another one of those days! I am not sure I am totally clear on the details about the article but I showed up and there was photographer I knew. He was there for Ski Magazine and my "models" were on there way. The article was about my class at Sundance and the writer had been there a month earlier. It was pretty fun trying to act natural but posing. I think because we were all a little self conscious there was a lot of playful conversation to make light of the situation. Just another day in the life of Brittany!

Today I spent filming my first educational video in my own studio. I was not at all comfortable in front of the camera at the beginning of the day. Awkwardly stumbling over what usually comes so naturally for me. Having to redo segments was slow going but once I got warmed up things flowed better and I got through a project. After note...Unfortunately, later we discovered that we had had some technical difficulties and the day ended up as a test run! It was good to have because I realized things that I want to change and make better next time and I can't wait for our next date, stay tuned!



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