Design ideas...


In my travels throughout my days I find things that inspire me that are totally unrelated to jewelry. I was at my wellness chiropractors office and kept staring at this basket that, in my head, was transforming itself into jewelry designs.
I see that as a cool pendant either in wire or with different layers of metals or as the center of an abstract cuff. If you rotate it 90 degrees it would make a dramatic pair of fan earrings!
How my brain runs with this idea is to break it down into parts and pieces and reassemble it (I have engineering genes from my grandpa's) in wires, bands, textures, patinas, or different materials. I don't know about you but my eye is drawn to certain parts of this design that flow more.
I also do a lot of altered books and mixed media paintings and I can imagine how this could become a layered skirt or title block for a page. What I love about telling you this is that if you were to do what you are imagining I am describing and I did what I just tried to convey they would look totally different!

I will let you know how this turns up in my art!

What do you see in the baskets and how could you apply it in your artwork?


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